Steuben Scraps Statewide 800 Plan

steubenLike many critical communications users operating in the 800 MHz band in the early 2000’s, Steuben County, Indiana, started thinking about their options as the FCC-mandated rebanding efforts began to take shape. The county had enjoyed more than a decade of reliable service from their now-aging radio system, but it was becoming increasingly apparent that the time might be right for a total system upgrade. The fact that they would have to replace all of their old radios without gaining the advantages of a next generation, IP-based network seemed like a wasted opportunity.

GE/Ericsson LBIs

GE LogoAn LBI is a GE radio technical manual section. The term comes from the phrase "Lynchburg Book (of) Instructions".... Lynchburg, Virginia has been the home of GE's land mobile radio division since 1958. The original prefix (up to about 1947) was GEI, for General Electric Instructions. At that time they became EBI for Electronics (Park) Book of Instructions until 1958, which is when the plant moved to Lynchburg.

We're in the process of uploading all the LBIs that we have accumulated over the years and from many various sources. To find an LBI, browse through the GE Radio Tech database and choose the "publications" page for the radio or piece of equipment that you're looking for. We now have 97% of the data online at this time and we're starting with the more popular units such as the PCS and MPA portables, the MVS and MDX mobiles, etc.

DeKalb County Central Dispatch Center


As of June 19th, all communications for DeKalb county have switched over to DeKalb Central. The individual PSAPs for the county, Auburn and Garrett are no longer in use.

- All tactical communications for every agency is now conducted on the Safe-T 800 system.
- County volunteer fire departments as well as Garrett Fire are still tonned out on the old VHF frequency.
- Auburn fire is now on the 800 system, but continues to be toned out on their old VHF repeater.
- County EMS is now on the 800 system, but continues to be toned out on the old EMS VHF frequency.
- Auburn PD in now on the 800 system. They have decommissioned their EDACS system and it's now off the air.
- County Sheriff dispatch no longer simulcasts on the old VHF repeater, however, the repeater is still online.

The new NON-emergency telephone number for DeKalb Central Communications is: (260) 333-7911

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