GE/Ericsson LBIs

GE LogoAn LBI is a GE radio technical manual section. The term comes from the phrase "Lynchburg Book (of) Instructions".... Lynchburg, Virginia has been the home of GE's land mobile radio division since 1958. The original prefix (up to about 1947) was GEI, for General Electric Instructions. At that time they became EBI for Electronics (Park) Book of Instructions until 1958, which is when the plant moved to Lynchburg.

We're in the process of uploading all the LBIs that we have accumulated over the years and from many various sources. To find an LBI, browse through the GE Radio Tech database and choose the "publications" page for the radio or piece of equipment that you're looking for. We now have 97% of the data online at this time and we're starting with the more popular units such as the PCS and MPA portables, the MVS and MDX mobiles, etc.