Corporate Governance

The business and affairs of NEI Radio Group Inc. are managed under the direction of a Board of Directors. Directors are elected annually by the company’s current board members. A number of the Directors’ duties, rights and responsibilities have been memorialized in the Board’s Corporate Governance Principles as well in the company’s Bylaws. The Board may also have several committees each of which operates pursuant to a written charter. The Board of Directors oversee management of the company’s business. Duties and standards of conduct for NEI Radio Group's employees, officers and directors are set forth in the company’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, as well as in NEI Radio Group’s Code of Ethics. NEI Radio Group, Inc is a privately held non-profit organization and was incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Indiana, as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation.


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Company Bylaws ico_pdf (165 KB)
Articles of Incorporation ico_pdf (140 KB)
Corporate Governance Principals
Code of Business Conduct
Code of Ethics Policy
Certificate of Incorporation ico_pdf (406 KB)
Business Meeting Procedures ico_pdf (107 KB)
Conflict of Interest Policy ico_pdf (157 KB)
Employee Purchase and Sale Agreement ico_pdf (138 KB)