MVS Mobile - Model Numbers
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GE/Ericsson MVS Mobile Radio
Product Code NP
Freq Range RF Power Output Package Number Combination Number
VHF Low (136-153 MHz) 40 Watts NPH10 NPFH10SS
VHF Hi (150-174 MHz) 40 Watts NPH20 NPFH30SS
UHF Low (403-440 MHz) 25 Watts NPU10 NPFU10SS
UHF Mid (440-470 MHz) 25 Watts NPU20 NPFU20SS
UHF Hi (470-512 MHz) 25 Watts NPU30 NPFU30SS
800 (806-870 MHz) 25 Watts NP800 NPF800SS
Control Panel
    Older Package Newer Package
2 Channel Standard 19B801450P1 NPCP01 NPCP1A
2 Channel with Type 99 19B801450P2 NPCP02 NPCP1B
16 Channel with Scan 19B801450P3 NPCP03 NPCP1C
16 Channel with Scan & PA 19B801450P4 NPCP04 NPCP1D
128 Channel with Scan (8x16) 19B801450P5 NPCP05 NPCP1E
2 Channel with PA 19B801450P6 NPCP06 NPCP1F
16 Channel with Scan & Type 99 19B801450P7 NPCP07 NPCP1G