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GE/Ericsson MVS Mobile Radio
Product Code NP
HB 136-174 Combination Manual LBI31919  
HB 136-174 RF Board LBI31920 19D901835G1,2
HB 136-174 PA Board LBI31921 19C851540G1,2
HB 136-174 Audio Board LBI31922 19D901870G1
HB 136-174 Logic Board LBI31923 19D901690G4
HB 136-174 Logic Board LBI38899  
HB 136-174 System Board LBI31924 19D901891G1
HB 136-174 Front Cap Assembly LBI31925 19D901913G1
HB 136-174 Front Cap Assembly LBI38387 19D901913G1
HB 136-174 Service Section LBI31926  
UHF 403-512 Combination Manual LBI31932  
UHF 403-512 RF Board LBI31933 19D902032G1-3
UHF 403-512 RF Board LBI38258 19D902243G4-6
UHF 403-512 PA Board LBI31934 19C851617G1-3
UHF 403-512 Audio Board LBI31922  
UHF 403-512 Logic Board LBI31923 19D901690G4
UHF 403-512 Logic Board LBI38899  
UHF 403-512 System Board LBI31924 19D901891G1
UHF 403-512 Front Cap Assembly LBI31925 19D901913G1
UHF 403-512 Front Cap Assembly LBI38387 19D901913G1
UHF 403-512 Service Section LBI38292  
UHF 403-512 Service Section LBI31935  
UHF 403-512 Power Attenuator Board LBI38598 19C851886G1
800 806-870 Combination Manual LBI38300  
800 806-871 RF Board LBI38301 19D902123G3
800 806-871 RF Board LBI38519  
800 806-872 PA Board LBI38302 19C851822G1
800 806-873 Audio Board LBI31922  
800 806-874 Logic Board LBI38256 19D901690G5
800 806-875 System Board LBI31924 19D901891G1
800 806-875 Front Cap Assembly LBI31925 19D901913G1
800 806-876 Front Cap Assembly LBI38387 19D901913G1
800 806-877 Service Section LBI38303  
? ? Logic Board LBI38892 19D901690G11
Options and Accessories
UHF 440-470 Low Pwr Maint Manual LBI38598  
All Prior to 2/90 Remote Mount Manual LBI31929 19A705306G1,2
All   Remote Mount Manual LBI38465 19A705306G3
All   Operators Manual LBI31927  
All   Front Mount Installation Manual LBI31930  
All   DC Remote LBI38137 19A704686P7,9
All   GE Star Encoder LBI30798  
    Data Application Kit LBI38596 344A3191G1-3
All   Dest Top Mtg Plate LBI38252  
All   Microphone Hookswitch LBI31060  
All   Noise Suppression Kit LBI31363  
All   Power Supply 13A LBI31801  
All   Mechanical Parts List LBI31895  
All   Relay Option Kit LBI38192 19A705499P1