GE/Ericsson Radio Programming Service

GE/Ericsson - Radio Programming Service

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We currently have the capability to program the following GE radio models:
  • FMD Mobile
  • Jaguar Mobile
  • Jaguar Portable
  • KMC Mobile
  • KPC Portable
  • LPE Portable
  • MDS Station
  • MDX Mobile
  • MDX Station
  • MLS II Mobile
  • Monogram Conv Portable
  • Monogram Conv Mobile
  • MPA Portable
  • MPD Portable
  • MRK Portable
  • MTL Portable
  • MVS Mobile
  • Orion Mobile
  • Orion Station
  • Panther 500P Portable
  • PCS Portable
  • Prism Portable
  • TMX8810 Mobile
  • TMX8825 Mobile

The standard programming fee is $20 for the first unit and then $5 for each additional unit requiring the same personality. Quantity discounts are available.

Securely package up your units and send them to:

NEI Radio Group, Inc.
500 E Oak St
Butler, IN 46721

Please include a detailed list with your shipment that includes the following information for EACH channel that you wish to have programmed, and for EACH radio if they are going to be programmed differently:
  • Alpha Tag (If Applicable)
  • Transmit Frequency
  • Transmit PL Tone
  • Receive Frequency
  • Receive PL Tone
Please realize that return shipping costs are the responsibility of the sender. Insurance on the package either en route to us or returning to you is not required, but we highly recommend it.

Radio Programming Service FAQ

Q: How much will return shipping cost?
A: The exact same as what it cost to get it to us. (Unless a different return shipping method is used.)

Q: How long will it take for you to get the radio(s) sent back out once you receive the package?
A: In most cases, one business day. Two at most.

Q: Do you program EDACS or trunked systems?
A: Typically, we don't do this. The complexity varies too greatly from system to system.

Q: I have an EDACS radio. Can you program conventional frequencies into it?
A: Yes, we can do that.

Q: Will my radio tune to HAM frequencies? (ie/ 2 meter VHF or 70cm UHF)
A: In most cases they do, send us the comb or model number to be sure.

Q: I have a radio that I want programmed, but it's not in your list of models that you do.
A: If we receive enough demand, we may acquire and/or create the needed equipment to do other models.

Q: How can I figure out the channel capacity and bandsplit for my radio(s)?
A: Look it up in our tech tree. You can also email the comb or model number to us.